Plastic Free July – Free your world from single-use plastics

Plastic Free July

It always feels better to be part of the solution than part of the problem. Welcome to Plastic Free July, a global movement that’s helping millions of ordinary people solve the plastic pollution problem, a tricky issue that’s damaging ecosystems and killing wildlife across the globe. So what is Plastic Free July all about?

About Plastic Free July

It’s great to get involved in recycling, re-purposing and re-using the billions of single-use plastic items humanity creates every year, and we can all join in. But it’s even better to refuse to buy products wrapped in single use plastic in the first place. 

Can you avoid single use plastics altogether this month? The event’s website is packed with guidance and inspiration. It includes exciting insights into replacing a whole raft of products with alternatives that don’t involve single use packaging – from take-away coffee cups to the products we use in the bathroom, bulk food buys to party balloons and decorations. Interestingly many of the tips also involve saving money, and that’s always a good thing too.

Our take on single use plastics

As an award-winning business we do everything we can to stock products either in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. We take back any packaging that isn’t yet recyclable at the kerb-side and return it to the supplier on your behalf, for recycling into useful, long-life things like green wheely bins. We also send all our orders out in recyclable, plastic free packaging for you to reuse, recycle or send back to us. Even our sticky tape is made from recyclable paper. 

Plastic Free July - 100% Recyclable Packaging

Take the survey

Your first step is knowing how much single use plastic you buy right now, and this neat little survey does exactly that, providing you with a simple benchmark that you can work on and improve. Because knowledge means power, the survey results will also help the event’s organisers track single use plastic trends. After all, once you know your enemy well enough it’s easier to figure out how to beat them! 

Learn more

The Plastic Free July website is growing fast, with extra resources added as the month progresses. There’s a collection of useful videos, posters and more to help you spread the word and share the magic. There’s a fast-growing number of cool events to enjoy. And there’s even a Plastic Free July Challenge to take. 

PS – Amazing news – cows can digest plastics 

We love this piece of news. Apparently scientists at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna have discovered the bacteria living inside one of the cow’s four stomachs, the rumen, can digest some of the plastics used in single-use packaging. All the egg-heads need to do now is pin down the exact microbes that do the magic and engineer them in a lab to make an innovative plastic digesting system. 

We’d like to wish everyone involved the best of luck. The more, the merrier! Together we can change the world and make things better. Maybe, before long, cow microbes might help us to save nature from the single use plastics menace. In the meantime, will you join us in rejecting single use plastics through July?

Did you know? We stock over 600 completely plastic free products on our website! Head to our dedicated plastic free section to shop now or simply filter by ‘Plastic Free’ when browsing other departments.

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