How The Right Food Choices May Reduce Your Stress Levels

April is Stress Awareness Month and there is a campaign to increase awareness about both the causes and cures of our modern-day stress epidemic.

Since the start of the pandemic, over 65% of us have felt more stressed than usual with 43% of us admitting to being more depressed than normal. The three main causes for concern are feelings of disconnection, a loss of control and the uncertainty over our future. Just as we need oxygen and water to survive, we all need sustenance and good food to maintain our health and wellbeing.

Food is the source of energy and provides us all with the vitamins and nutrients our body needs to grow, fight disease and repair. Stress is one of the great public health problems of this decade and is linked to an increase in physical health issues such as heart disease, insomnia, issues with our immune system and obesity. What we eat has a direct result on our levels of stress – we need to manage our levels of adrenaline and cortisol that shoot up when we are in ‘fight or flight’ mode to ensure our bodies can stabilise levels of sugar in the blood and keep our stress responses at a manageable level.

“Eating a balanced and healthy diet is the key to helping our bodies mange the physiological changes caused by stress. We source our products from companies that have the same ethos and sense of wellbeing as ourselves. We look to see if they are operating ethically, responsibly and most of all check that their products taste good and are made using ingredients from sustainable sources that will not damage the planet”

Clare – Postal Pantry Team Member

The following foods are all known for their stress busting qualities and are all available from The Postal Pantry, sourced from companies that are working towards making the planet a better and ultimately calmer place to live.

Dark Chocolate

Studies found that dark chocolate can improve cognitive function and mood. It contains a high content of tryptophan which help to produce mood enhancing serotonin in the brain and is a good source of magnesium which helps reduce depression. Montezuma’s Lordy Lord Dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa, sourced from plantations meeting the Trading Fairly Policy.

Dark Chocolate Montezumas

Pumpkin Seeds

An excellent source of potassium, pumpkin seeds are thought to balance blood pressure and reduce symptoms of anxiety. They are also an excellent source of zinc which is essential for brain and nerve development. Zinc is stored in the part of the brain that effects emotions. Try sprinkling our organic pumpkin seeds over your morning cereal or adding to cakes or porridge or just munching on a pot for a healthy snack.

Organic Pumpkin Seeds


The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which may help to lower anxiety by reducing oxidative stress that is a cause of anxiety. Try a daily BumbleZest shot of Ginger CBD and Turmeric to energise you for the day.

Ground Turmeric

Green Tea

Green tea contains theanine, said to have anti-anxiety and calming effects on the body and helps increase the production of serotonin and dopamine. Clipper Green Tea is an organic, Fairtrade tea company and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Organic Fairtrade Green Tea


Eggs are a source of vitamin D and are a complete protein, meaning they contain amino acids essential for growth and development. They are also rich in tryptophan, that helps to create serotonin to help regulate mood, sleep and behaviour. Our organic fresh eggs are local to us and are Soil Association certified.

Organic Free-Range Eggs from Devon

Besides changing your diet, one of the best stress-busting strategies is to start exercising. Aerobic exercise boosts oxygen circulation and spurs your body to make feel-good chemicals called endorphins.

The Postal Pantry Co promotes a sustainable lifestyle, stocking food and home living products that have all been selected for their ethical values and sustainability policies. We offer a free local delivery service within the South Devon area (Free service is offered to selected postcodes on a rotation). As well as this, we offer a daily postal delivery service throughout the rest of the UK.

The Postal Pantry Co

We are a family run online grocery delivery service based in Ashburton in South Devon, delivering throughout the UK, offering all the store cupboard essentials you need, without the cost to the planet. We have a great range of organic, vegan, veggie, gluten free and those hard to find items all delivered straight to your door.

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